Use the language of music to express yourself before you answer a  call, by connecting to the Airtel Caller Tunes.

Airtel Caller Tunes is a personalized service, which allows you to choose a  song for your callers to hear before you pick up a call, replacing the standard  boring monotonous ringtone.

This service will allow you to choose any of the following genres or music  categories; Hip Pop, Rhythm and Blues (R&B), International and Local Music,  Gospel Music or Reggae.

The Airtel Caller Back Ring Tone menu allows you to browse to select your  preferred tune, copy a tune from a friend, manage your account or ask for help.

Activating the service can be done by any of the following simple processes:

  • IVR:  Dial 15578 on your Airtel phone and follow the voice prompt.
  • SMS:  Send the word ‘SUB’ to short code 15578.

Upon successful activation  of the Airtel Caller Tunes, you will receive an SMS confirming your  registration.

If  you hear a tune of your choice when you call an Airtel friend simply press  ‘Star’ (*) to set the same tune as your ring back tone.

To unsubscribe SMS “UNSUB” to short code 15578